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We print on high-quality super-soft 100% cotton blanks.

We print using state-of-the-art screen-printing processes.

Art prints are printed digitally with archival inks.

Campaigns help us decide if people want a particular design or not. Artists launch their designs as campaigns and if the campaign reaches its goal of a minimum number of sales, it becomes successful. We print and ship orders from the campaign and print even more shirts to feature the design in our Shop section. Think of a campaign as a pilot episode.

Campaigns help us decide if people want a particular design or not. Otherwise, we'd be sitting on a pile of tees that no one wants & no money to print the ones that you do want. =(

Campaigns earn artists more money quicker than selling in-stock items from the Shop page. Artists set the earnings and the length of the campaign by themselves.

Also, you'll be one of the first people to get their hands on a new design.

Sure you can!

But supporting campaigns is fun because it's you who is deciding what gets printed and what doesn't.

Also, there's a price-lock on campaigns for a period of 3 months. This means that from the day the campaign is successful, and appears as a product in the Shop, the price of the product will remain the same as it was when the design was a campaign. No discounts, coupon codes or offers will work on the design until the price-lock ends.

Not really. We're sending an authorization request to your card company to hold the amount, for the length of the campaign, on our behalf. If the campaign is successful we'll send another request to your card company called a capture. Capturing actually charges the card. If the campaign is unsuccessful we'll do nothing and the authorized amount will not be charged.

If a campaign is unsuccessful your card will not be charged. However, if you ordered in-stock items from our Shop page in the same order, we'll charge your card for those items and ship them to you.

Yay! Now we'll first charge your card. And then print the design on super-soft tees and ship your item to you.

Processing in-stock orders may take 2-5 days depending on how busy we are.

If you supported a campaign, processing for that order will begin from the day the campaign ends. Add time for printing and you have around 12-15 days of processing time from the day that campaign ended.

If your order was a combination of in-stock items and a campaign, we've charged you separate shipping already.
We'll ship in-stock items at the earliest and process the campaign portion of your order later, if the campaign is successful.

Most shipments are delivered in 1-2 weeks. You will receive a tracking link (if your country's postal carrier supports tracking) & regular email updates about the status of your shipment. If your tee hasn’t been delivered after 20 days from the date of your order, please contact us at support[AT]

Our tees are designed by some really talented artists from around the world.

Yes! But we may not publish your campaign if it is not upto our standards.

Yes. Artists earn 10% on every sale of in-stock products from the Shop section. On campaigns artists set their earnings themselves. They get instant sale notifications and we ensure complete transparency about payouts.

Go to the artist dashboard to start a campaign.

If your campaign was successful you'll get paid at the end of the campaign.

Payouts from the sale of in-stock products from the Shop page are made at the end of every month.