The internet revolutionized many industries but none more significant than online shopping. Gone are the days when you’d beg your friend to go to the mall with you so you could get your mitts on some cool new tshirts.

It’s all clickety clack and tappity tap now, kids. (Do not question our lingo.)

There are literally thousands of websites to choose from when you wish to buy a t-shirt online. But if you keep these five things in mind you’ll become a happier shopper.

1. Size chart

Tshirts come in all shapes and sizes and that’s probably not a good thing. Unlike other items there is no global standardised sizing for tshirts. (Try saying that 5 times quickly).

So a men’s medium tshirt you buy in Taiwan can be completely different from a men’s medium in Canada. This is a known problem in online shopping. There’s no FCC setting standards for tshirt sizing. So eCommerce websites like ours have to make hard decisions on what size chart to adopt. This can depend on various factors like core market, vendor access and so on.

So you must look at the size chart tshirt brands post with their products. Do not presume that the sizes would be what you’re familiar with. Because when you presume you make a pres out of… wait how did it go again?

2. Returns policy

Ughh, is there anything more annoying than buying a cool tshirt with a sweet print but it has a hole in it? Or it doesn’t fit? Or you received a completely different tshirt than what you ordered?

Just writing this is making us rage. But you know what, that’s why returns policies exist. So check that shit out. Uh, are we allowed to say shit?

3. Fabric

There’s cotton t-shirts. And then there’s everything else. In our experience nothing beats the breathability, durability and comfort of a real good cotton tee, that’s why we stick to it.

But there have been advances made in the “man made fabric” department called Tri-blend, micro modal and other such sciency words. Whatever the brand offers make sure you’ll be comfortable in it for a long time.

And if the fine print on the listing says 100% polyester — RUN!

4. Printing method

We’ve written about tshirt printing methods in detail but here’s a rundown: screen printing (what we do) remains the best and most durable method followed by DTG or direct to garment from an industrial grade printer like Kornit.

Iron ons, stick ons and all that garbage is good for a couple of washes only. After that you’ll be wondering where did that print go and will be having strange conversations with your washing machine

5. Shipping method & time

This one time we bought a hat online in August. And got it delivered in September. Of next year!

There’s no point in shopping online if you’re not getting the product you ordered quickly. Standard international shipping via regular mail could take 15-30 days depending on where you live. Express mail/priority mail could take 7-10 days but is expensive.

Monitor what method the online tshirt brand is using to ship your tshirt and how long could it take for it to deliver.